Kit de Cerveja para fazer cerveja em casa? sim, Cerveja!

36,90 €  

E se, agora, pudesse fazer a sua cerveja em casa?

A Cutxi Cutxi tem o kit mais fofo e espetacular para que possa fazer a sua cerveja caseira totalmente artesanal.


Basta seguir os passos indicados, juntar o malte e os componentes que vêm no kit, pela ordem indicada, no barril e voilá, 5 litros de cerveja ALEMÃ, artesanal fresquinha, FEITA EM CASA! 


As cervejas:


A light golden color and pleasantly bitter taste makes this highly drinkable beer the most popular beer in Germany.
Pilsner is a hoppy, bottom-fermenting beer that stands out due to its pleasantly bitter flavor. As the name already suggests, Pilsner comes from the brewing style that originated in the Bohemian city of Pilsen. A characteristic feature of pilsner beers is a flowery but dry finish. The bitter taste stimulates the appetite, which is why this beer is often drunk as an aperitif.


The sweet yet mild taste of the Wheat Beer harmonizes perfectly with the naturally fruity and spicy flavors from the yeast.
Alongside the IPA, the traditional German style Wheat Beer is the other top-fermented beer available in our range. It is brewed using wheat malt and impresses due to its mild aroma and fruity yet malty taste. The top-fermenting yeast used for this wheat beer delivers a richly diverse set of tastes – ranging from apple and banana through to the delicate flavor of cloves.


India Pale Ale is a strong and malty English ale that is refined with fruity, aromatic hop varieties.
IPA is the result of the finest traditional brewing expertise. Recently, it has become a flagship style for the craft beer movement. This style of beer was introduced in the middle of the 18th century by English brewers, who utilized the technique of cold hopping developed in Germany. The goal was to guarantee the shelf life of the beer during the sea journey to India by using more hops and producing a beer with a greater alcohol content. The original idea of watering down the beer to the normal alcohol content for ale was, however, not followed by the English residents in India. The beer simply tasted too good for it to be watered down again.

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